Boldly stepping into a new era, the cutting-edge style of the Manhattan reflects the tenets of today’s contemporary design combined with the craftsmanship and world-renowned playability that Brunswick is legendary for. Sophisticated and sleek, this dynamic table is an exciting addition to any contemporary room.

Product Specifications

Primary Specs
Size 9 ft.
Finish Black/Stainless Steel
Pockets As Shown
Legs As Shown
Slate 1"
Color Brunswick Green
Cloth Type CONTENDER Woolen Cloth

Product Features

Table size: 8 ft.
9 ft.
Finishes Available: Black with stainless steel
Leg Options: Standard (as shown)
Rail Sights: Diamond-Shaped Mother Of Pearl
Pocket: Drop Pocket

Base Frame Construction

Interior Style

  • Made from selected hardwoods
  • Assembled using high-torque bolted construction providing a strong and sturdy base
  • Utilizes superior dovetailed cross-supports

Additional Feature:

  • Quick Set Foot Plates® provide quick and easy leveling. Patented by Brunswick.

Brunswick standard features include:

Brunswick Certified Premium Slate
High Performance Nut Plate Construction
Super Speed Cushions

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